2018-19 Season Begins!

From “the Commish”

Welcome back to the 33rd edition of the NOHL hockey season!

This season, we are changing it up a bit as many of our players know, and running a trial Ionger season, "mixing it up" ( joint season) with the 8 team NOGL (Newmarket Old Guys Hockey League). Ultimately if this goes well, the end game is to have a full-on expansion and amalgamation…. we will wait and see!

  • Our leagues finances are in good shape with a healthy cotingencey fund in case of league emergencies or player tragedies.
  • Penalties down! Our penalty Mintues (with emphasis on major penalties) have steadily declined over the last 4 seasons... this is a good thing! As our players realize that we all have to go to work the next day.
  • Although we are a 35-50 non contact no slap shot league, we realize we have the opportunity to welcome new residents of our community to local “beer league hockey” (minus the beer in the dressing room) at almost any age. Be it 35-50 / 50/60 or 70 Plus… If someone comes to us before the season’s first puck drop (mid Sept), we have created a “feeder system” to all aged leagues in Newmarket/ Aurora. If you are interested in playing/ joining a team as a “free agent”, feel free to contact us (see info below ).

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have a great hockey season all, and remember, we all have to go to work in the morning…

Shoot the Puck!
Michael Smith
The Prez, NOHL

Tailgating in the Dressing Rooms

hoisting the cup dressing room

Save the Tailgating for the parking lot/ Tom & Jerrys, etc...

Hey NOHL'ers...

Its been brought to our attention by Arena staff, that a dressing room was still occupied 45+ minutes after the game.  In the Standard Rental Agreement with the Town,the dressing room is included in your ice rental, but for only 30 minutes post game. Please respect this rule,  as the staff are pretty resonable, friendly and cooperative when called upon. By-in-large, the arena staff leaves us alone when in the rooms, so lets try to work with them...

Remember  the song, "Closing time - you dont have to go home but you cant stay here"

How Do I explain...

 What happened last night?

I came home from hockey last night, crawled into bed without a sound. When I awoke, my wife asked...  "What happened last night?" as she saw i had a welt on my face.

"Hockey fight" was my response.

Here are likely the other people I had to explain my actions to:

-My employer -Co-workers

-My clients 

-My kids

-The kids I coach,  and their parents

-Possibly the cops.

It brings into question my judgement and character and likely "the other guys'" as well.

As a 45  year (or in my case even older) beer leaguer, that answer is probably one I/we should try to avoid having to explain..  Why a grown person who has to go to work the next day "got into it".

Food for thought...

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